Podcast Masterclass

Are you an expert with something to share?

So you’ve landed on the right page if you are looking to join our Podcast Masterclass.

To accommodate the current lock down situation we have taken the course online over four weeks. ShirePOD is keeping businesses connected to their clients, loyal customers and members, during the crisis. We are helping them create engaging digital assets that will last long after Covid19 pandemic.

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Shire Pod Masterclass

Want to create a podcast?

We’ve broken it down into 6 segments to help you construct and launch your podcast.

Preparation and Planning

Creating your content, concept and episode outline is simple with our Ultimate Podcast Content Creator Diary.

Presenting content for audio

All the tips and tricks to effectively engage your listeners and present the information you want to share. How to conduct an amazing interview and script your Intro and Outro.

Producing a podcast

What equipment to use, how to improve the quality of your recording and where to find musical signatures and sound effects.

Post production

Learn the Basic Editing process and Episode Construction. We show you how to create your show notes, digital assets, links and a promotion strategy.

Promoting a podcast

There are many things to consider when starting to promote your podcast, we assist with the concept, branding, plan and creating the digital assets for you.

When you purchase the full MasterClass we book you for a half hour ideation consult prior to doing your course to discuss your great Podcast Content ideas, one on one. We also do a half hour consult after the last session to review the gaps in knowledge and skills so we can guide you to build your audience. You can download and watch at your convenience.

The Course goals:

  • Create your list of topics
  • Develop your bio and expertise
  • Create the spine of your Podcast series
  • Refine your Podcast episode content
  • A bit about essential equipment
  • A lot about presenting your Podcast
  • Record your Intro and Outro
  • Quick look at interviews
  • Record your first episodes
  • Editing made easy
  • Post Production
  • Promotion Strategy

AND SO MUCH MORE……….including a mastermind review and podcast guesting information.

Cost $299.

Find Your Voice, Share Your Expertise and Educate your listeners.

If you have questions read one of our 53 blogs on podcasting elements.

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