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Prepare and Plan Podcast Content



This online masterclass covers everything you need to know about preparing and planning your content, formating, show notes and how to prepare a pitch for an interview guest.

  • We create the Theme and Topic of your podcast series
  • Script your Intro, Outro and Show Notes
  • Understand the creative format of a podcast episode
  • What questions to ask your guest
  • How to leverage the content with the creation of digital assets.

This 1 hours session is presented by Journalist, Podcast Host and Producer Pip Rae. She is the Wordstyler, who creates the rich and valuable content that your listeners won’t want to miss and helps you articulate your core messages succinctly. Pip guides you through the creation process, identifying opportunities, obstacles and overcoming objections that sabotage your intention.

Pip says, ‘If you don’t do this podcast, someone else will.’

She will help and encourage you to be bold and brave when it comes to discussing the things others won’t say and how reaching out to your mentors and network will expand your audience.



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