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Production and Post Production



This online masterclass covers everything you need to know about producing a podcast.

  • equipment, microphones, headphones and recording devices
  • recording software, locations pre-interview set up
  • green room interviews and techniques
  • editing, splicing, mixing and mastering your file
  • file management and content construction

This 1 hour session is presented by Journalist, Podcast Host and Producer Pip Rae. She is the Wordstyler, who having set the intention for your podcast in the Plan and Prepare your content Masterclass, physically takes you through the steps of production and post production edits.

Often getting the best quality sound at the time of the record, free of noise and interruptions, making the edit easy.   Construction and Mastering are creative edits that require skill  and knowledge in audio software.

Pip goes through the basic production schedules and what you should expect from an editor.  There is a bit of work as the host to make sure your guest ‘performs’ and some tips and tactics to make listening a little more entertaining.



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