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This is the most frequently quoted question by curious people.  It’s also a way of stating that they are interested in the ‘something’ you know very well. Tthey are also acknowledging their knowledge gap, piqued interest and a thirst to know more or a different perspective. Your version is an important one.  Your experience is original and unique.   Curiosity is a form of respect, held by people who withhold judgement, remain open to possibilities and keep a have a life long obsession with learning.

It’s commonly abbreviated to TMM and opposed by the acronym TMI! The abbreviation is typically used in text-based conversations with the meaning Tell Me More” as a request for more information and usually indicates interest on the part of the sender.

The ‘ABOUT THAT’ is SOMETHING that could be literally anything.

You, your inspiration, your motivation, your why.  Your expertise, job or occupation. Your family, friends, hobbies, interests and passion.  It

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  • 30 minute Podcast hosted by ShirePOD
  • 100 word bio and introduction script
  • Call to action outro
  • 1 Blog with four mini stories for socials
  • Social Media Post and Plan for Launch

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