Shire Walks Cronulla

Sample Page

This is a custom title for Shire Pod

Hi Pip!!

Well here you are on your beautiful new site.

You don’t have to read this page, it is really just here for reference in case you need it.
Hopefully is is all pretty obvious in the dashboard.

Edit this page in the dashboard to see how this page is put together.
Hopefully this is easy for you but your feedback is welcome if anything is confusing, I’ll fix it.

Have Fun!! – K

Custom Title
You can chose to have a custom two lined title like the one this page.
The default title will not be displayed if you chose this option but will still be used for SEO as an H1 (along with the permalink)

Image Cropping
Some of the images are set to automatically crop at a certain size/ratio to keep the integrity of the design.
Sometimes the crop is in the wrong place if the subject is not in the centre of the image etc.
If this happens, you can adjust the crop focus whenever you add or edit an image and see the Crop Featured Image button.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.
I may add to this page over time.

Custom Sections
Amanda has designed some beautiful, custom content blocks for you.
A have added Flexible Content sections for you to play with:

  • You can add them in any order to your pages and posts.
  • They will appear in the order you place them after this the default content section.
  • You can change the order by dragging them
  • The framework is all set up if you want Amanda to design new sections, I can build them in.

They are being used in your existing pages to build the content to match Amanda’s page layouts in her design.

Below are examples of each custom section currently available in your site.


Fancy H2 Heading of any colour


You can add a content section (like this) in between any of the custom blocks.

I KNOW!!! The possibilities are endless

It has all of the formatting options available in the page editor at the top of the page.

Shire Walks Cronulla

Product Title Product Subtitle

Hey Pip! This doesn’t have to be all about a product.

  • You can add anything to one of these blocks.
  • Add any image (it will always crop to be square)
  • You can choose which colour is used
  • Link the button to any page, post or product on you site.


Gallery Buttons

If you want to add a link to any of the gallery images:

  • add a link to any page or post on your website
  • add a custom url
  • choose to open it in a new window




You can add a single white button or a bank of coloured buttons. It’s up to you.

Same deal as the Gallery:

  • add a link to any page or post on your website
  • add a custom url
  • choose to open it in a new window


Another little design block at your disposal. Add any image with some content and a button (if you want)

Shire Walks Cronulla

This is more of a pull-out section with a button that can link to anything.

Works best with one white button.

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