Terms and Conditions of Sutherland Shire Podcast Station

Safe Space
This is a safe place for attendees to express themselves, their beliefs and concerns freely without judgment or fear. All opinions are respected and the personal and emotional safety of each person is a priority. 

In the event of disclosure, you are to respect the rights and privacy of the individual and hold the space for them to resolve any personal conflict or confusion.

Stay in your lane
In this room today we’re are not in competition with each other and any advice given is of a general nature and can not be used as a contractual agreement. 

Terms and Condition of ShirePOD downloadable PDF here.

Liability limitations – see our Terms and Conditions. 

For all website, programs, courses, material, verbal, digital and associated platforms.

Disclosure of Entities

ShirePOD is serviced by Pip Rae, WordStyler, Daydream Creative and The Process Collective.  The ShirePOD is a digital platform that hosts and delivers content to it’s community and general audience. Each entity has their own Terms & Conditions, Confidentiality Agreements and Privacy Policies. If you hire representatives of any of these entities, you will be subject to their respective Terms & Conditions.

Privacy Agreements

See Sutherland Shire Podcast Website Privacy Policy.  

Confidentiality Agreements 

All discussions during the Masterclass are confidential and can not be shared with any other member outside the group of individuals attending without written permission. 

You will need to sign the NDA provided to you at the start of the class to be able to participate. Our full Confidentiality Agreement will also be provided to you at the start of the class, of which you must also sign.

Intellectual Property Protection and Copyright 

All printed, digital and verbal material provided to you is protected and owned by ShirePOD, and can not be disclosed to a third party, put onto the public domain, or copied or used for any activities other than for the purposes of the class, without the expressed permission of ShirePOD.

Standards of Production

ShirePOD holds the right to determine the standards of audio and visual production associated with the Sutherland Shire Podcast Station as set out in the Terms and Conditions, in particular, in relation to digital assets owned and operated by ShirePOD. ShirePOD reserves the right to withdraw its assistance in making Podcasts or hosting them on our platform should the contents or discussions breach our Ethics or Terms & Conditions.

Sponsorship Disclosure

ShirePOD will make full disclosures of any Sponsorship Agreement that endorses products, services, individuals, business or other entity that is associated with them in the event of financial or other benefit to it’s audience and membership base.   ShirePOD adopts the Terms & Conditions of Ethical Conduct as set out by the Australian Media and Broadcasting bodies.

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