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That Shit Show by Emma Castle

Trauma. We’ve all experienced it.

The thing that sets us apart is how we got through it.

This series of interviews aims to unlock the secrets to survival when things are at their worst.

Whether we like it or not, we all experience trauma.

Bad things happen, and they happen to everyone.

These events have a major impact on how we behave and who we become.

So how have other people coped (or not coped) with trauma? What are the major lessons – and gifts – that can be found in disaster?

That Shit Show covers everything from PTSD to the untimely death of children and siblings, pregnancy loss, disease, heartbreak, birth trauma, eating disorders, major natural disasters and everything else in between.

NOTE: Trigger warning. Some of these interviews might bring stuff up for you. If you’re struggling, please reach out and speak to me, talk to a trusted friend or counsellor, or get in touch with Lifeline.  Other resources can be found in the show notes of each episode. 


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