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Podcast Doubt Vs Podcast Fade

So you’re reading this because you’ve been wanting to start your own podcast. Or you’ve created a few episodes and feeling a little demotivated.   DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK?   Is it time? Confusion? My bet, it is self doubt……… Whenever you feel anxiety about  jumping into something new it can be overwhelmingly daunting. Even though you know you’re in the learning phase, if you are

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International Podcast Day 30th September

PURPOSE International Podcast Day™ is September 30th. It is an international celebration of the power of podcasts! The celebration is a great opportunity to connect with fellow podcasters, podcast listeners, podcast enthusiasts, and leaders in the podcasting industry.  You can help spread the word by telling your friends, sharing the celebration on your podcasts and social media feeds, and using #InternationalPodcastDay. There are several ways to get involved and plenty

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Podcast Format Made Easy

MUSIC Intro Listeners appreciate an overarching summary of the podcast up front, around 30-90 seconds outlining the content they can expect to hear and your introduction script helps you ensure that you capture your audience’s attention from the beginning. This  intro comes either before or after your show’s ‘general series intro with music’ which then dives into the deep content of the show. The content of this segment will change

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Useful Scripts For Your Podcast – Content Warnings, Sponsorship Disclosures, Acknowledgement To Country

When formatting your podcast episode, intro, Outro and segments and depending on the content you are broad casting, you may also want to consider content warnings on sensitive topics like suicide, sexual assault and domestic violence.   Understanding how your podcast will be rated including opinions and language used is important to build trust with your listener.  Finally as a form of media and an influencer, yes that’s right, hosts

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Get good at monologuing

Talking is one of the most natural activities that is done every day. It is a learned behaviour that begins from birth and constantly evolves with time and environment. For someone from a investigative and legal background, talking is not an unchartered territory. In fact, we are required to be vocal due to the nature of the work that more than often require a conversation with  clients, customers, peers, and

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