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Podcasts made by women, for women and all of our favourites.

And with over 2 million people downloading audio podcasts every month in Australia, it’s the perfect time to be a content creator, and rack your podcast playlist with intellectual and entertaining conversations. The world’s health pandemic has given everybody time.  Time to think, read, find, learn, become, do and question.   But more and more people are listening, seeking and searching for the wisdom of women. Podcasts made by women for

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Random Facts and Stats on podcasting 2020

83% of Australians know what podcasts are.    44% of listeners are female.   65% of podcast consumers are most likely to listen to episodes on a mobile device.   60% of all podcast shows are downloaded from Apple.  90% of podcast consumers prefer to listen to a podcast at home.   54% of podcast consumers say they think about buying an advertised product.  39% of small and medium-sized businesses owners are podcast

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Why Won’t Happy Customers Write A Review?

Why Won’t Happy Customers Write A Review? Our mission in the recent production of our Bean There? Podcast was set with three intentions To bring the vibe and atmosphere of the cafe to the ear buds of our listeners during lock down. To introduce the small business owners in the area to the community and acknowledge the essential, volunteer and support services they are associated with and support. Finally to

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14 Steps to Launch Your Podcast

Do you have a great idea for a podcast series or episode? Can you think of 5 topics that relate to your idea? Do you need help with creating your content and format? Would you rather interview others or be interviewed as a guest? Do you have a podcast name and theme? Do you have recording equipment and software? Are you ready to record your podcast? Do you need help

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BeanThere? LIVE Podcast

This is a roaming podcast broadcast live from your local cafe, giving you your weekly shot of News, Entertainment, Weather, Sport and Artist Events from around the Sutherland Shire. We are bringing you the vibe and conversations of locals, interesting interviews and awesome. Every Friday between 7-8am on @ShirePOD on Podbean. Subscribe today to receive your live notification and follow us on Instagram to see our hosts interview our amazing guests.

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