Post production

EDITING  is the mastering and mixing of your audio file.  It is the construction process of your podcast and can vary depending on your level of skill and knowledge in the production and recording area.

We also include things like Tile Art Work, Platform Publishing, Leveraging Content and Show Notes in this phase.

Editing requires a software program such as

Garage Band,


Adobe Audition or


Just Google ‘Editing Software’


In short editing

  • takes out unwanted content,
  • adds music and content where desired,
  • constructs narrative, interviews and intro’s and outro’s

and you can read more about it on our blog.

What can you expect from your production editor!

An enthusiastic producer has a broad ranging interests who is experienced in audio content making, cutting, splicing, mixing and mastering not only the sound of your podcast but is passionate and committed to making you sound awesome.  They just get the brief, understand your message and use the content you’ve created to shine a light on your topic.

They will be a natural multitasker, not afraid to give you honest feedback, work collaboratively and with a genuine interest in your overarching theme.   They are able to work independently to a tight schedule and manage expectations in production output.

Editors have high level script writing and editing skills, plus audio editing and intricate production knowledge. Producers are the sounding board for your ideas, giving you direction they have gained from their experience on other productions – as they know what has and hasn’t worked.

They have well-developed planning, organisational, communication, and negotiation skills, with ability to work to deadlines and manage priorities to achieve timely and accurate completion of content.

They will be experienced with audio production technology, software, production systems and reporting tools. Experience with social media outputs, audio grab technology and promotion plans.

For more information read our blog. 




The ShirePod team of editing champions can turn your podcast into a full professionally edited digital asset. Check out our editing services below…

Podcast Editing cost per hour block

  • Basic editing/splicing $150 per episode ($79 members)
  • In depth editing/splicing under direction $180  ($90 members)
  • Customised Creative Construction editing $250 ($125 members)

In our FULL Masterclass we explain the software, apps and hosting platforms and show you the tools, effects and how to format the audio files.

Podcast Masterclass $495 DYI Podcast Creation

  • 6 learning modules
  • 2 x 30 minute one on one session
  • Masterclass booklet and
  • The Ultimate Content Creator (9 Episodes)

We have heaps of articles and tips on recording in our blog, check them out!

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