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Promoting a podcast

We have been researching the strategies that are helping podcasters get noticed and attract listeners.

In the last few months Podcasting has become very popular, but the majority of podcasters will drop off after 3 episodes because of reduced time (restrictions easing), effort required due to lack of planning and not seeing the results they wanted due to lack of promotion.

At ShirePOD we have developed several strategies and it honestly takes just as much time to promote as it does to create a podcast. But once everything is in place, it’s just a process and we are doing it.

You can find a lot of it and more on the internet, but if you would like help with your Promotion Strategy and Plan, The Podcast Promotion Package and Personal Brand Building Package, get in touch.

We break it down, build it and target the listeners you want.

Branding + Promotion various packages available

  • Strategy for Digital Assets $120
  • Logo, Brand and Promotion Pack $750
  • Social Media Plan and Management $500 per month
  • Blog and Digital Asset creation $500 per month

ShirePOD is the content creation hub, creating sound wave in the Shire.

We have some really informative articles with tips on promoting your podcast and suggested digital assets that will take your podcast to the next level!

Scope out your podcast series with our 15 minute content call. Book now