Become a Podcast Host

Become A Podcast Host

Podcasting can be as creative or as complex as you like. We are here to HELP CURATE YOUR CONTENT, RECORD AND EDIT YOUR PRODUCTION, PUBLISH AND MARKET whatever comes from your time in the studio.

Our Ultimate Podcast Roadmap will help you navigate the elements to put your podcast together.

Whether it’s a narration, monologue, interview, conversation, panel or TEDtalk, your podcast is a valuable digital asset and if you think you need a little or a lot of help ShirePod is here for you.

Choose from creating:


  • Our Team can help you develop your idea and content, then record it.
  • Or bring your content and record it in the studio with edit assistance.
  • Or you can have it all done for you.
From Idea to Airwaves


  • We offer DIY tutorials through our Masterclass’
  • Have a guesting experience if you don’t want to be a host.
  • We also provide end to end editing services for the accomplished, time poor Podcast Host.

And now we offer our Portable Podcast Studio option – an on location service. In your home, office or local cafe…. where ever you want to go!

Email us with your expression of interest or with any questions

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