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We love hearing the positive experiences our guests and podcast creator have had working with us and promoting their podcasts.


The Boat Princess Podcast

We’ve been producing The Boat Princess Podcast since 2021.

Host Nicky Vaux learnt the art of interviewing using our VOICE, VICE, VOLUME strategies to share the stories of women in Boating.   With 40 episodes under her belt we just had to share this testimonial that popped up as Nicky introduced Season 3 of the Boat Princess podcast.

Our measures of success don’t just stop there, the feedback from guests and listeners always trump the number the downloads, because Nicky’s passion to empowering women and encouraging them into the Boating industry is the priority. Whether it’s a  Career, Work Experience or Leisure, Nicky wants you to understand the benefits of the blue mind and the safety measures of a life in, on or around the water.

You can find all her episodes on



Podcast Name : That Shit Show

In this series, trauma counsellor Emma Castle speaks with those who have experienced tragedies of every kind. From loosing a child to a limb, Emma shares the stories that show how resilience is built in the moments of challenge and compassion in recovery is the essential ingredient in grief.


Nicole Aghabi

Podcast Name: The Curious Lawyer

In this series Nicole has worked with Pip to establish the fundamentals of podcast creation. As a lawyer she already had the skills of interviewing and the curious mindset. So when put to the task, Nicole jumped straight in to the production phase and onto zoom.  Nicole is an advocate who has long known her voice would create change and make the world a better place.   She brings a perspective to the subject of law that is both interesting and intriguing.  Property Law, Will and Estate Planning.  Surrogacy Law.  ShirePOD is supporting the voices of women like Nicole, giving everyone in the Shire a platform to hear those seen and known around the area.  Get to know Nicole in her first interview with Pip where she answers the questions you want to know the answer to.



Podcast Products

Pip Rae

Podcast Name : All About AVO’s

Pip is the host of this podcast and a producer at ShirePOD. She leads a team of creatives, helping industry leaders and thinkers share their message on popular audio platforms.   Pip trained at AFTRs and instills confidence to deliver quality and valuable content by hosts and guests. The All About AVO’s podcast helps those who have been disempowered or misidentified in the criminal justice system with the issuing of a Domestic or Family Violence Order.   Each episode shares stories and insights that help identify the opportunities for more effective interventions. From victims and counsellors, perpetrators, police and lawyers. Financial advisors, wellbeing coaches and behaviour change program facilitators as well as trauma specialists and case management workers.



Nicole Dargie

Podcast Name: The Empowerment Project Podcast

I’m most of my way through this and it’s by far THE best live one yet! The banter the content the flow of interactions, learning more about my hood and background noises all add to the ambience and feel good vibes of this one….well done!!!

Amanda Hamer

Podcast name: Create Chat

“Working with Pip and ShirePod has been so amazing. They helped me craft my concept, assisted with script and series content writing and have shown so much support through the ShirePOd community. My podcast has been great for building my brand, profile and shareing my expertise on a different medium. I would recommend creating a podcast with the Shire Pod team for any business owner who has something to share with their audience. Podcasts are really exploding right now!”

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