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We love hearing the positive experiences our guests and podcast creator have had working with us and promoting their podcasts.


Nicole Dargie

Podcast Name: The Empowerment Project Podcast

I’m most of my way through this and it’s by far THE best live one yet! The banter the content the flow of interactions, learning more about my hood and background noises all add to the ambience and feel good vibes of this one….well done!!!

Kirsten Taylor-Martin

Podcast name: Keeping it in the Family

“I have shared my one sheet once and scored a gig on SME TV.
They loved my 5 questions and wanted more, so I am recording 2 segments tomorrow!
Thanks for your help shirepod!”

Amanda Hamer

Podcast name: Create Chat

“Working with Pip and ShirePod has been so amazing. They helped me craft my concept, assisted with script and series content writing and have shown so much support through the ShirePOd community. My podcast has been great for building my brand, profile and shareing my expertise on a different medium. I would recommend creating a podcast with the Shire Pod team for any business owner who has something to share with their audience. Podcasts are really exploding right now!”

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