Producing a podcast

Producing a podcast is the RECORDING component of your content.

Often this is the confusing part of the podcast process as it means you need to understand

  • The equipment you need to record
  • The location of where to get the best recording
  • And for remote recordings, the software programs on which to record your content



For a list of how to decide what is ‘best for your budget’ download our pop up studio set and equipment list.

Our Masterclass and Online Video’s explain the equipment and production process.





A little bit more information.

How to record your podcast will depend on the style and format of your podcast but essentially you will need a

  • Microphone
  • Recording Equipment  – Software Program (computer) or Device
  • Headphones

The location should be quiet, unless you are looking to create some atmosphere for a live or event style podcast.   Options include

For tips and tricks on the presenting styles of audio check out our blogs or the Online Presenting Masterclass. 


Need a studio to record your podcast professionally?
We have a studio located within the Sutherland Shire available to hire to record your podcast.

Onsite Pop Up Podcast Recording Studio and Equipment Hire

  • 2 Hours $250 (members $150)
  • 4 hours 1/2 day booking $450 (members $250)
  • All Day booking $500 (members $400)
  • Evening Booking 3 hours 6-9pm $450 (members $225)
  • Weekend daytime only $350 (members $225)
  • Includes Podcast Producer onsite.
  • Unlimited episodes in the time frame
  • Coaching and Direction if needed

We also have an option in our Princess Highway Package which helps budget costs per episode.

Want to learn more about recording your podcast professionally?
In our Masterclass we explain what equipment and software to use, how to create the perfect environment to record your episodes and how a production schedule will help you deliver a consistent brand building podcast series.

Also, learn how to produce audio grabs for your podcast promotion and MUCH MORE.

Podcast Masterclass $495 Learn the Podcast Creation Process

  • 6 learning modules
  • 2 x 30 minute one on one idea development sessions
  • Masterclass booklet and
  • The Ultimate Content Creator (9 Episodes)

We have heaps of articles and tips on recording in our blog, check them out!

Scope out your podcast series with our 15 minute content call. Book now