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All About AVO’s

Due for Release 28 March 2020

You might be reading about this podcast  because you are thinking about taking out an AVO to help you feel safer, or the Police have recently taken out an AVO on your behalf or you have had an AVO taken out against you and now have to appear in court. In any case, you are looking for more information to understand the process, because that’s exactly what it is.

Just a Warning, this content contains references regarding violence and trauma.  Whilst it has been created respectfully, it is not intended to offend or alienate either gender.  It’s  aim to share all perspectives whilst working towards being a more cohesive society that operates under a banner of mutual respect. 

In this podcast Pip Rae, a former police investigator and DV specialist, speaks with frontline practitioners including ex-police prosecutors, lawyers, counsellors, emotional health experts, mens behaviour change program facilities, DV educators and first responders who are dealing with the insidious cycles of abuse in our homes and workplaces. This national crisis continues to unfold and everyweek Women, Men and Children are not only suffering but loosing their lives at the hands of their intimate partners.

All About AVO’s is more than information about a process that has been designed to intervene, interrupt and prevent violence amongst families. It shares the insights into how the insidious nature of domestic violence and abuse, cycles through a relationship, destroying the core beliefs of it’s victims and the foundational pillars of communication, trust and respect required for families to thrive.

We help you to:

identify the Red Flags,

understand the Police Process,

discover the root cause,

observe the contributing and influencing factors of domestic violence.

Our goal is to provide a path way of strategies that empowers both parties to take responsibility for their own behaviour and choices needed to deal with the consequences in a restorative manner, especially if you have children.

It is an all encompassing look at what is and what could and the community we can create. Imagine a world without charities that provide vital resources and support to victims of DV, product workplaces and safer streets.

It drops March 28 at

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