Preparation and Planning

PodFADE – is a real thing.

For a long term successful podcast you have to CHOOSE THE IDEA that best SUITS YOU and the PERSONAL BRAND you want to build on TOPICS and THEMES that you can confidently talk about or discuss with others.

Preparing your content and planning it out

  • reduces stress
  • chunks down the work
  • keeps you accountable
  • ensures you are able to continually deliver to your audience
  • helps you show up and stay connected

Most importantly: Preparing your content allows you to create a succinct message with a clear intention.

Planning out your series and episodes gives you the opportunity to make references to the solutions and services you offer. That’s right, every episode has an intention and an outcome you want your listener to experience.  So understand what these are for them will help you create or deliver content that is RELEVANT AND RELATABLE

Most Importantly: The content process we use identifies the overarching theme of your podcast series, topics, digital assets.

You don’t have to be an established expert in the area you are recording a podcast but you need to be willing to invest your time in planning and preparing the content that keeps your audience listening and your listeners engaged.

create your idea $249 Podcast Concept Consultancy

  • Ask any questions and get the answers and advice you need in 1 hour
  • Explore your podcast ideas, intentions and outcomes,
  • Unpack your topics and series spine with our professional podcast creators.
  • Includes concept proposal notes and ideas.
  • Includes the Ultimate Podcast Content Creator (Value $19.99, but saves hours of time)

Planning and Preparing Your Content $149 session includes Live Q&A

  • Learn how to define your overarching theme and nail your niche
  • Learn how to breakdown your topics and identify valuable guests
  • Unpack what type of format would suit your podcast
  • Get ideas on creating engaging digital assets
  • How to come up with your podcast name
  • More tips and techniques on setting up your production schedule
  • Ideas for trailer, artwork and hosting platform information
  • Includes concept proposal for feedback.
  • Ultimate Podcast Content Creator Booklet (Value $19.99)

Presenting For Audio $149 session includes Live Q&A

  • 15 tips and techniques on presenting for audio (check list included)
  • Building confidence
  • Developing and Scripting your Intro
  • Learn how to engage the audience
  • Best Equipment to use
  • Set Up Your Environment
  • Pitching to and inviting Guests
  • Questions to Ask
  • Construct your Call to Action
  • Becoming the best podcast guest! (preinterview check list included)

This is a presentation by Diana Hill, a TV presenter, model and health advocate. She is a skilled conversationalist, engaging and funny and delivers an informative session that will have you inspired to unleash every part of your personality.

You’ll also get a 15 min live Q&A with our producer where you can pitch your podcast idea for feed back or practice your 5 minute trailer.

Publishing and Promoting $149 session includes Live Q&A

  • Learn what hosting platforms are available, features offered and costs
  • How to upload and set up the RSS feed to push to streaming platforms
  • Learn how to set up your webpage and social platforms
  • We break down the promotion strategy from trailer to content
  • We teach you how to create and structure your show notes
  • Construct a blog, backlinks and where to share
  • We look at Insta-grabs for Instagram and apps like WAVVE
  • We share guesting and cross promotion strategies
  • Bonus social media plan and promotion checklist

In our Masterclass we develop your skills and knowledge of podcasting.  The Masterclass has lessons on the four main elements and live interactive development mastermind session with other podcasters to produce a podcast that has the potential to go viral.

Podcast Masterclass $495 Professional Podcast Creation

Take your idea to the airwaves in just four weeks.

  • 6  modules covered in one day 4 weeks
  • 2 x 30 minute one on one sessions before and after masterclass
  • Masterclass booklet
  • Four week task calendar with everything you need to do
  • The Ultimate Content Creator (9 Episodes)
  • Accountability emails with tasks and blog links.

Topics covered, over

  1. Planning
  2. Preparing
  3. Presenting
  4. Production
  5. Post Production
  6. Promotion

Need some help planning your podcast series, organising your guests and more? We have the solution, see below…

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Well this little book is the secret weapon in creating killer content that shares your expertise and unique experiences.

Visit our blog to learn why you should plan and prepare your content.

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