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Our Story So Far

Shire Pod Our story so far...

Taking Ideas to the Airwaves.

The Sutherland Shire Podcast Station is a media platform generating digital assets for the community and building personal brands through the power of podcasting.  

ShirePOD Time LineIn November 2019, Pip envisioned a creative platform where business owners could build their brand and share their story, in their own voice. After doing hundreds of interviews with locals, business owners, sporting and not-for-profit organisations for her radio show she realised their was a need to have these stories published and accessible to everyone, at anytime.

And on the 20th February 2020 Sutherland Shire Podcast Station opened its virtual and digital doors to the community. You can listen at

It was realised quickly that people wanted to know more about podcasting and gain hands on experience in producing their own podcast. And so the Masterclass was born! Organically it has created a network of podcast hosts, guesting opportunities and a community of podcast junkies (Shire Poddies).  This live and interactive class masterminded the ideas and creativity of locals who were experienced and experts in their field.

Wordstyler launches the Business Building Brand Podcast series, Tell Me More About That and establishes community connections between guests and hosts.

Create Chat is launched, the masterclass goes online with their first international host from Louisiana joining the platform.

ShirePOD has now created 10 podcast series with a vast array of themes, topics and interest.  Collaboratively, the creators, hosts, production and promotion teams work to complete each stage supporting and encouraging our podcast hosts and guests to leverage the platform that shares their stories and insights.

Check out our testimonials for the love we have received.

We continue to support our hosts, with an online facebook group and updates about the industry.


In July 2020, during the midst of a crisis with our community isolated by Covid19, ShirePOD started the Bean There? Podcast.  A team of volunteers hosts ventured into the sparse spaces of our local cafes to bring the buzz of the baristas to the earbuds of our listeners!  They bring together the business owner, suppliers, guests, charities and experts to take part in a weekly live broadcast that brings the community together during unprecedented times.


The series streamed live allows followers, subscribers and friends to tune in to hear the conversations that discussed social causes and the issues facing our families, neighbourhoods and communities. We were honoured to have the representatives of the organisations helping our most vulnerable during an unprecedented time.

Our hosts brought a wealth of local knowledge, shared their experiences and interviewed guests about theirs, including those business owners nominated for the Local Business Awards. Our special highlights will be released in the blogs, being especially curated and linked to the episodes and businesses.

The Bean There? Podcast brought together 453 businesses, 14 hours of audio, 52 Interviews, 12 charities, 18 awareness campaigns and experts from the Sutherland Shire in everything from environmental, youth services, design, education, nutrition, sports, health and wellbeing.

The stats for engagement were incredible and blew us all out of the ‘seaside’ waters of the Shire.   It was certainly a project that put ShirePOD into the minds of locals as a platform that gives everyone a voice. This live production will return, bigger and better in 2021.

Where to next?

The creative adventures of ShirePOD are taking us on a journey of discovery.  The platform now has a guesting strategy connecting hosts with willing interviews and product promotion.

We have an environmental series in production. A coffee and conversation series in development. A food and venue review program under construction and we are about to release a help resource for victims of domestic violence.   We have also been approached to do a special project about True Crimes in the Shire that ties in nicely with our ShireWalks Audio Tour Podcasts.

Our goals are being reset, our dreams are getting bigger and scarier and our commitment to be of service to this community is unwavering.

Journalist, Pip Rae now heads a creative team of producers and designers. Offering content and digital asset creation for personal brands who want to stand out and grow.

Pip has been a mental health, domestic violence and social justice advocate for 27 year and is trained in investigations and media journalism.  Her skills lie in extracting interesting conversations and generating stories to raise awareness with a strong focus on encouraging listeners to take action.

Live Events

Our podcast host can interview, video and photograph during the production of the podcast and people of interest, instantly publishing it to the App as it happens and then turns that content into a podcast media file that generates months of content.  We ensure that sponsors and supporters are acknowledged and provide intros, outros and voice overs if needed.

Our capacity to cover live events and stream them over a digital platform helps businesses connect with their customers – especially during these times.

We also offer social media launch and strategy packages using the podcast as a source of content for months in advance.

A podcast is not just a podcast, it’s a great way to capture the atmosphere, share stories and excitement, capture testimonials, comments and quotes about the event that can be used in media releases, social media posts and engagement blogs.

Our audience continues to grow and we understand the value of partnering with businesses like yours.

Please contact me,  Pip on 0401831640 to discuss further.

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