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This was a awesome episode based on good nutritious food and the organisations that are helping those needing support to put food on the table and those facing homelessness.

We spoke to Rob Cook, Westfield Hero who heads up One Meal.
We spoke to the Tradies who support Rob and his team of 70 volunteers.
Tanya Jones, Natropath from Unwind Health in Miranda shared her gut health journey and how she helps others.
Mel Malpasands, from Detox Delivered shared her business journey and services in hosting self care retreats.
Cam Laing from South Side Local share his story from unhealthy wanna be rock star to one of the best PT’s in the fitness industry who lives and breathes the benefits of healthier lifestyle and food choices.

And just when the episode couldn’t get any bigger, we spoke to George himself and found out his dirty coffee secret that keeps his customers coming back.

Penny Underwood from Zone Fitness was interviewed by Dylan, our sports reporter about the difference womens self defences course have on their confidence.

Bean There? Podcast Georgie Porgies

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