Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Where do I start if I want to create my podcast?


This is the goal, outcome, results you want to see.  Podcasting is a powerful marketing tool and effective strategy to building your personal brand and sharing your insights with the intention to influence.   And whilst there is a lot to consider, we encourage you to give yourself, time and stay with your intention to build the content as you go.


Important element needed for planning, preparing, recording and producing.  But 50% is needed for promotion.  Podcasts can create up to 4 blog per episode and vice versa, 4 blogs can be one episode of your series, driving traffic back to your website and the opportunity for listeners to see your products and services, gifts and goodies and in reverse, your blog gives you the opportunity to have a conversation with your reader without having to be there.  We estimate 25 minutes to prepare a 25 minute episode – and allow an hour for the interview and an hour to produce and publish.

You’ll need to spend time getting images, writing blogs and show notes as well as creating digital assets.  But first audit your current list and see what you can use.


You might have read or heard that Podcast advertising is worth billions now, but advertising will not provide an income. What will is positioning yourself as the expert, authority or influencer in your niche – and that’s why having one is important.   Podcasts are evergreen and setting up a schedule and production process that is time and cost effective will benefit you the most. Ensure you links to products and online shops are featured in show notes. Build confidence in your listener and gently integrate your offerings – if you connect they will commit and share with friend/s.

In summary, our hosts can batch record off the cuff episodes because they know their stuff or have taken their time to gather everything together. Others, start small and build.  In any case it’s a process and with our cross promotion strategy hosting package we accelerate your audience and listenership, promote you on socials to our following and invite you into our community to get the support to stay motivated.

So I have great idea for a podcast, where do I start?

  1. Plan and prepare your content, hit record and publish.
  2. Build a promotion strategy that give you exposure.
  3. Reach out as a guest by pitching valuable and exclusive content.
  4. Stay open to ideas and opportunities.
  5. Keep going and measure your success.

You can find extended answers in our blog and guests who would love to connect.

What equipment do I use?

  • You can use a phone and some audio software like garage band.
  • Purchase a USB mic and a computer software like Audacity.
  • Purchase a portable or studio mixer with XLR mics and upgrade to Audition or Hindenburg Journalist
  • Alternatively Check out other blogs in our website or google. Rachel Corbett has some mini episodes on equipment and this article is great for a summary of Software Options.

Do I register the podcast name as a website?

Yes, sent up a blog page with your podcast name. It makes it easy to google search. Attach the link to your website.

What hosting platform do I use?

We use it has great features and easy to use with a range of different formats.

Check out the blog on platforms for more information.

How do I submit to streaming platforms like apple, google and Spotify?

The big platforms like have a streamlined system in place to help you.  Follow the instructions.  Other platforms may require you to submit the RSS feed from your host platform directly.

What will a guesting strategy do for my podcast and personal brand?

Guesting on other podcasts will give you access to the hosts audience and you can leverage this episode to invite them over to listen to your series. It also helps with building your brand as a valuable contributor to the industry, sector or occupation.

What audio editing program should I use?

See above links to software options Garage Band, Audacity, Adobe Audition.

How do I set up an interview with my guest?

Pitch your podcast episode idea, invite them to be a guest, prepare them for the interview and ask open questions that generate an interesting conversation.

How do I promote my podcast?

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy.

We have a great masterclass that goes deep into podcast promotion strategies including Joint Ventures, Blog, Socials, Guesting, Articles and speaking gigs.   As mentioned above, this is 50% of the work and you can continue to leverage so much from one episode that it can give you content for months.

We recommend a blog with the episode embedded.

We love seeing the blog shared to socials.

Share your episode on socials or in a guest article.

Put the link to your page in your Instagram Bio (link tree or milkshake)

Include the link in email campaigns.

Send targeted messages to industry with the episode link. (we did this with National Science Week after speaking with marine scientists about the health and pollution issues on an episode of Bean There? Podcast)

Scope out your podcast series with our 15 minute content call. Book now