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How to start a podcast!

Great Idea!

Awesome Talent to Interview!

Interesting Conversations!

Compelling Format!

Topics that flow!

Answers to Questions!


Sometimes flushing out the idea, bashing out the banta and taking that idea to the airwaves is just one conversation away. The ShirePOD podcast scope out is just that.

What is a Podcast Creation Scope Out?

This is a 2 hour scope out of your podcast series idea.

A one on one session dedicated to exploring all your content and opportunities and the potential for developing and monetising this digital asset.

Our producer assesses your skill levels and identifies where you need support to complete the project and work with you to plan out a schedule towards and beyond your launch date.

The session covers everything from ideas, schedules and tech

  • Create content buckets,
  • research and ideas,
  • discuss podcast episode formats
  • interviews and guest info
  • coaching for presenting for audio
  • scripting intros and outros
  • 3 recordings and onsite/remote production,
  • 3 post production edits,
  • series podcast promotion outline
  • develop production schedule and
  • 50% off On-going editing services.
  • how to use the equipment and tech
  • set up hosting platform,
  • syndication to streaming platforms
  • complete hosting domain registration
  • discuss and design promotion strategy
  • sponsorship conversation
  • identify guesting options
  • and answers any questions.

As a skilled podcaster you’ll have capacity to create, produce and promote your own series and help other hosts, by being an amazing guest on their podcast.

In this session we include everything you need to know to become an independence producer of your own podcast and over each stage we guide and help you when you need it.

Our producer can help you trouble shoot ideas and answer questions.

ShirePOD has over 11,000 downloads, 100’s of episodes and guests and 33 hosts who have all undertaken coaching or the Masterclass. You’ll be invited to join our community of practice, meeting other podcasters who may become your very next guest.

Head to our booking page to set up your session today.


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