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4 Things

You MUST include in your podcast episodes

When creating a podcast there are four essential elements when it comes to content.

  1. Your name and the name of your show.  This is usually done at the beginning, now it might sound basic but I have heard podcasts that don’t do it.  Often when we press record we can get a little ‘mic haze’ and forget that the listener does not know who you are.
  2. What you do and why you are making this podcast? Yep give yourself some credibility. A short sentence about why you are qualified to talk about his topic will go a long way to establishing a connection and a connection to your listeners.
  3. The Point.  So you’ve monologued for 30 minutes or you’ve included an interview, but don’t forget to sum it all up. Whether it’s with your opinion, a summary of the information you want them to know  or what conclusion you have come to. 
  4. Finally, where to go next.  If your listener has fallen in love with your content then you need to tell them where to get more. Send them to a website, ask them to listen to other podcast episodes, download your PDF, ask them to like you on FB or follow you on Instagram and tell them about the article you wrote for Linkedin.    This is an effective strategy and it’s good to keep it consistent but it also works if you just say ‘go to the links in the show notes for more information.’ That way they will click and go wherever you link it to. 

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