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If you have every wanted to start a podcast or you are looking to upgrade skills in other areas of the podcast journey…’s your chance.   With restrictions lifted, and the world in full throttle, we’d love you to join on in person masterclass where you’ll learn the 14 P’s of podcasting.  (we’ve added a few more p’s since we last did this)

Podcasting continues to grow with Facebook recently launching their online podcast rooms, Spotify, Podcast google and Apple Podcasts launching their subscription based platforms and finally the introduction of ClubHouse has changed the platform and streaming game.

What do you get?

Interactive class room environment where you do the work and practice the skills.  You’ll receive our Masterclass work book and the ultimate podcast creator

Our previous students have said

‘so much information in one day, great interaction with others and I walked away with more confidence.’

Sunday, 5 March 2023



The course covers:

Preparing and Planning your content

Learn how to extract over 50 topics from just 5 episode ideas, set up your interviews or plan out the content to make it relevant and relatable for your audience, your products or services and of course your customers and clients with who you want to share with on mass.

Presenting for Audio

Get the tips and tricks for presenting for audio, and understanding how the listener consumes your content without visuals.  You’ll learn to how to make your guests feel comfortable, ask great and interesting questions as well as getting the sound quality that reduces production costs.  Finally, knowing your outcome will help you decide what type of podcast to produce.

Production and

This is about the setting up the studio, running through the pre-interview check list and understanding the terminology for edits.

Post Production

Whilst you may have no intentions of editing your podcast, we run through the process and considerations which also help you in the recording and production stages. Editing and post production is the synthesising the quality of the sound, constructing episodes and the inclusion of sound effects.

Publishing and Platforms

Publishing your podcast will require both a hosting and streaming platforms.  Whilst big names of Apple, Google Podcast and Stitcher they don’t have capacity to host the Mp3 file. Learn about the different types of platforms and how to syndicate to streamers including dual platforms like Podbean.

Pitching and Project work

Pitching your podcast to sponsors, guests and creating partnerships requires an investigation as to the outcomes they are a looking for.  The alignment of products, services and organisations in your message is about brand management, income drivers and website conversions.   We show you how to draft your pitch, and integrate into bigger marketing projects.


Creating a podcast is fun, but promoting your podcast will consume 50% of your energy.  Creating a strategic plan to market your podcast series, episode content and the guests contribution is not a one off event.  We look at integrating your content with other episodes or partner in another series.   We look at Website Promotions, Social Media posts and Promotional packs that supports your end game.


Innovative content and Interesting industries offer the opportunity to showcase products that makes life a little easier. We show you how to engage simple contracts to provide exclusivity and value to your podcast.


This is a great session on building connections and providing an opportunity for businesses and organisations to share in the benefits of a podcast episode and how sponsorships can pay for your podcast production costs.

Podcasts and Personal Brands

Podcasts are the platform to boost your personal brand. It’s where you share your stories in your own voice, allowing you to include your enthusiasm, empathy and excitement.   Personal brand podcasts can be personalised, with your choice of guest, and control over the perception of who you are, or what you want to be known for.


This is the main reason why a podcast idea never gets off the ground.  It will taken a commitment to your time, energy and focus. It will need you to lead the conversation with confidence and you will have us with you well past launch. We are your biggest supporters.

So here’s where you sign up.






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