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6 Digital Assets for your Podcast

A digital asset is anything that you create to drive traffic through your content funnel – a pathway to your product – a speedway to your service.

  1. Thumbnail Artwork to appear where podcast is hosted. Canva is a great place to start sorting out your ideas and concepts but if you want to stand out in the sea of podcasts that already exist, but consider a graphic designer to give you the polished and professional look that compliments your branding. This little thumbnail can attract or deter your potential listener.
  2. Quotes and Comments for Instagram Inspiration with links in the Bio. Simply listen back to your podcast and jot down some impactful quotes or comments by yourself, your cohost or your interviewee.
  3. Behind the scenes photos for Instastory 3-5 pictures with stickers and text. This is lots of fun to create and gets amazing engagement.
  4. Facebook Post /FB Live / FB Video about your Podcast Release. FB Post after doing the Podcast, a photo with your guest or sharing an article that relates to topic on your page or into a group are all assets that create traction, momentum and awareness.
  5. Linkedin Articles are a great place to write a story that sprinkles comments from the experts that supports or refutes your topic opinion. Include interview guests quotes and concludes with a summary that links to podcast for the full interview or more information. It could be based on your website blog but should contain something more of value.
  6. Download-ables are the bomb. People love getting something for nothing and providing a one page printable with a task, challenge, mini course, or content to read pushes your listener through the content funnel that you’ve designed to get them where they need to be. Some are DYI and your information is enough, many require a level of coaching, instruction or mentoring.
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