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7 Things you need for a podcast

It’s easy to see why podcasting keeps growing every year and it’s the perfect medium to reach people whilst they’re commuting or on the go in the car, during a brisk walk or taking time out for themselves. This intimate experience is often an escape and entertains the mind (especially during my treadmill session).

Creating a podcast is a great way to share your personality and impart the knowledge you know can help someone else. The art of storytelling is centuries old and continues to hold value despite the sometimes very dramatic changes of the technical and media landscape.

Now you could start a blog or a You Tube channel, but as we are learning, people are busy and audio is the most appealing, as it allows people to multitask whilst they are listening. We love avid, engaged and active listeners.

There are seven things you need in your podcast.

1. Concepts and Ideas.

Brainstorm your likes, dislikes, passions, hobbies and lifestyle choices. Make a list of at least 30 topics. You may be an expert or someone with experience.

2. Coding,

Podcast usually have a message coded amongst the content. It is mostly enjoyed and received well if the episode is packed with value. So whether it’s information or educational material, nobody wants a sales pitch.

3. Confidence

Confidence comes as you practice and this is the beauty of podcasting. It’s not live and you don’t have to publish if you are not happy with it.

4. Connection

Connection is made through the delivery of your content. The tone of your voice, the confidence with which you speak and the value within the content you share.

5. Content

The most engaging content comes from story, where listeners are taken on the journey with you. Give them time to reflect on what you are saying, ask questions and allow them to think. Provide facts and use strong descriptive language that engages the imagination.

6. Consistency and Committment

These go hand in hand. Turning up, Sharing your stuff and being there when you say you will builds trust and connection. Releasing your podcast on the same day every week or at the same time of the month, shows you are committed to serving your audience.

7. Creativity

This is an ability to work with a concept, create the story content, develop connection points and collect all the information you need to present in order to develop a way that informs, educates, entertains and engages. Skills in writing and scripting for radio will develop as you listen back to your podcast or have someone else listen and give feedback.

So now that you have ticked off this list, you are ready to go………Actually you might want to check out the equipment list first. Click Here.

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