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ShirePod creates opportunities for those who are looking to build their personal brand and showcase their expertise in their industry. If you don’t want to be a podcast host, being a Podcast guest is a powerful marketing tool and product funnel strategy that allows you to focus on a particular product or promotion in that episode. ShirePod has a number of shows that perfectly align with your message and the ‘cross contamination’ of industry equals exponential reach.

Podcast Hosts are always looking for people in the know, who demonstrate knowledge and skill with the capacity to make a real difference with their opinion. Podcasts are a low investment in a digital asset that can be leveraged to create awareness, generate leads and increase sales which in turn funnel traffic to your website, deliver your message and create more opportunities.

Do you want to get on podcasts as a guest? 

There are a whole bunch of reasons to consider why appearing as a guest on someone else’s podcast:

  • You might want to promote your own podcast or a product
  • You might want to further your reach to people in your target market
  • You might want to expand your audience and promote a popular article you’ve written or an achievement you’ve made

Whatever your motivation, when it comes to getting on podcasts as a guest, there are two ways you can approach it: 

  • By waiting for podcast hosts to contact you and ask you to appear as a guest or
  • By proactively reaching out to podcast hosts and promoting yourself as a potential guest 

My experience in radio has shown me that taking a proactive angle and connecting to subjects by podcast hosts, can see you featured in multiple podcasts each month. 

If you are interested in being interviewed as a guest on our signature show ‘Tell me more about that….’ with Pip Rae send us your pitch to

You have to think ‘Why would a podcast host reach out to you?’ This is your value proposition. To take action now, simply make a list about everything you know, your skills, your interests, hobbies, organisations you support, business networks you are in. Everything including your Facebook group about pugs or woodworking.

Reaching out to podcast host will help them with their content creation. Most hosts planning out their guest lists via the research they do on a topic, so if you are not in the google front page rankings, by submitting your guest speaking podcast proposal you instantly increase the chances that a host will invite you on as a guest. I know because that’s what I did.

I have a podcast — why would I want to guest on podcasts?

Podcast Collaboration is the perfect way for you and your guest to reach your target audiences. This ‘Joint Venture’ is a type of leverage that introduces you to their market from a different perspective. Everyone is a cog in the wheel of service and if your podcast guest is offering a perspective, product or service that compliments your purpose then it’s a win-win-win.

You know that people who listen to podcasts that you appear on as a guest:

  • Listen to podcasts
  • Are interested in the topics that you talk about

Podcast guests is the opportunity to market your personal brand, your values and share insights. Appearing on podcasts as a guest expert being interviewed or a guest co-host for an episode not only co-creates great content for you to use in other campaigns but establishes you as an authority. 

Cross referencing your website or your own podcast can attract new, already keen and active listeners who are in your target market.

Putting together a value proposition isn’t time consuming or difficult, it helps you decide which pieces of value would be important to others.

Here is a downloadable to get you started. POWER OF THREE

The Power of Three is a content generator. From this you can also create Blog articles, Facebook Posts and Instagram stories. It also gives you great ideas to talk about on a podcast that has aligned content.

Find Your Audience.

Trying to reach the audience that matches your business is simply finding your ideal customer and giving them the answers and solutions to the problems they are experiencing.

Who is your ideal customer? How do they describe themselves? What words do you use to describe them? 

Now, find podcasts that these people listen to.

How to find podcasts your audience listens to

Once you identify the audience you’re trying to reach, you need to find these podcasts online. There are a few ways:

Your goal is to find 5-20 podcasts that you can send out your value proposition to.

Click here for the Podcast Project Worksheet tracker.

Your Podcast Project Tracker needs the following details as it can become a little confusing when you get the call to say your’e pitch has been accepted.

  • The podcast name
  • The podcast website’s URL
  • The podcast topic
  • Host Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

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