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ShirePOD has had many opportunities but this is very exciting. Our very own Australian Book Club Podcast.

Books continue to be a source of inspiration and education in particular for the fast paced online world.   Feeling the pages of a physical book continue to bring joy to children and adults alike, creating an opportunity to learn and relax, take time away from the screen and immerse into a world of fantasy or fiction.

We are proud to announce that ShirePOD is now interviewing Australian Authors for this series and building it’s own library of conversations with talents writers, illustrators and publishers who take their crazy characters, ideas and story plots and put them on the page.  When you listen to our back stories you’ll hear how a lot of time and effort, energy and self belief go into creating each page that leaves the reader feeling a little more connected and a lot smarter. You’ll also hear from our book club commentators who give you the reviews and interesting conversation about their reading experience.


First up we have Josh Langley, an author of many children’s books that explodes with colour and charisma. From his first book, Frog and the Well to his wildly success Being you is enough and other important stuff, Josh captures the hearts and imaginations of thousands of children in his comical, entertaining and cheeky way. 2018 saw Josh win the ABIA (Australian Book Industry Awards) Small Publishers Childrens Book of the Year with ‘It’s OK to feel the way you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be you.’.

Secondly we have NinaAnn McCurley who has twice survived breast cancer and journeyed through life with the optimism and resilience that has inspired women around the world.   In this candid interview, Nina shares not only the challenges she faced as a single mum, but the complex recovery endured by many cancer survivors.  This story was enjoyed by our book club with laughter, tears and heart felt gratitude for Nina who has poured her heart onto the pages.

Thirdly we look forward to bringing you the crime writing of Australian Author and local Sutherland Shire resident, Amanda Knight and her book – Situation Critical. In 2017, Amanda’s debut romantic suspense novel won her the Australian Romance Readers Association Best New Author award, and Australian AusRom Today Best New Romance Author award. It’s been described as  a fast paced, action packed, military suspense with a touch of romance with complex plot, intriguing characters, secrets, lies, betrayal, treachery, treason, murder, and surprise twists, this page turner will keep you on edge till the very end.  Amanda share her back story and inspiration as well as the challenge in coming up with the edge of your seat narratives.


If you or someone you know is an Australian Author and would like to feature on our book club podcast in 2022, please reach out to


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