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Create Chat: The podcast that helps you understand the strategies of creatives.  Graphic Designer, Amanda Hamer and Content Creator Pip Rae share what brainstorming techniques they use to build the big business ideas for their customers. Whether it’s a logo or a blog post these tried and tested tools of the creative trade can help you in your journey of building your personal brand and make you business stand out with the pictures and words that set you apart from the rest.

Every week Amanda and Pip share their strategies to creating a different part of the strategy in marketing your business, product or service.

Have you ever wondered how that business came up with their logo or why some products sell better than others?

Amanda is a innovator with design, creating from scratch or giving brands a lift with a revamp. Pip loves refining her clients messages with words that accurately describe what they offer and what they stand for.

Have you ever seen that service that appears to run seamlessly and every customer is happy?

Amanda runs a tight social media campaigned that is well thought out, strategically planned and executed with precision. Pip loves to develop the mini messages that reflect the testimonials of her clients customers.

Got issues with your website or wanting to build an online presence?

Amanda creates an easy to use navigation system for your potential and existing clients. Often the tech stuff such as email, forms, ecommerce, SSL certificates and plugins can overwhelm the best of us so Amanda can do all the hard work so you are up and running before you know it. Pip shares how simple messages in concise form tells people all they need to know. Long form blogs and articles that demonstrate expertise and process are also Pips. Her ‘from just one conversation’ interview system, Pip extracts 12 months of content for all your digital assets and Amanda will match them with branded images.

What a combination these two are and the laughs don’t stop as they share the mistakes, bloopers and WT????? moments in business, life and creativity.


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