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Creating Relevant Content

If you are creating a podcast, start by using your existing blogs. With loads of engaging content, it will help keep your episode organised in Categories that also allows readers to explore more of what interests them through your digital links.  Podcasts give you a voice, blogs give you credibility. Each podcast topic has its own episode just like each category of your blog has its own page that’s fully customisable. Backlinks to your blogs from your Podcast show notes keep your content relevant. 

Keep it Simple

Give your episode a catchy title, matching it or linking it to the blog you have written – the first sentence is your attention grabbing tag line.  Fill your show notes with a brief description of the three main points or the questions you answer in the episode. Your podcast tile should be branded or a beautiful image that mirrors the category. Limit to 250 words.

Back Links

Include Links to your facebook page, the interview guests social channels, downloadable PDF’s and about another 12 customer touch points.

Words that Work

Pick out the relevant words from your podcast and use them as tags (#summer #holidays #vacation) throughout your posts to reach more people. It also help readers search for relevant content. Using hashtags can expand your post reach and help people find the content that matters to them. Go ahead, #hashtag away.

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