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Just like sustainable products, Podcasts are a disruptor. The ability for people to access an audience not heavily regulated or packed with advertising and distractions is proving to be a challenge for traditional media.
With a podcast you are in charge of the content you want to create or, as a listener what you want to hear. And whilst we have been conditioned with Commercial Media to tolerate advertising, promotions and product placement, podcasts are more likely to engage in a commercial arrangement where the product or service aligns with the message of the episode and the values of the host.
A podcast is an extension of your personal brand. It’s a voice that is sharing value and it’s creation is carefully curated by many hosts as it is out in the universe forever!
We love helping our hosts find their perfect match. Just like a podcast they are the thought leader and disruptor in their industry, positioning themselves as the expert or specialist connecting with other experts and specialists to bring you interesting and influential conversations and insights.
Have you got a great idea for a podcast?
Our ShirePOD community thrives on connection and communicating with a clear intention to change the lives of many.
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