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End To End Editing Service

Our ShirePOD editing workflow systematically and creatively works through 20 steps to create crisp sounding audio files that are constructed to the format you have chosen to create.

Whether its’ an interview, segments or story telling, our editors splice, insert, remove and compress files to get the sound and atmosphere that will ensure your listeners are engaged.

They are skilled at content creation, ensuring your story is not lost.

We use drop box and google drive to transfer files for approval.

We create time stamps for important quotes, comments and questions that you can use for social media content.

We also create a 30 second audio grab for repurposing.

3 minute highlights can also be constructed from your mp3 file.

There is an initial investment for set up of podcast format $249, which then reduces the cost of your podcast production that will depend on the length of the recording that needs to be edited, the complexity of the construction and some extra time may be required for incidentals which you will be informed of first.

Our end to end services start at $350 per month for 4 x 20 minute episodes.

If you are challenged by the promotion of podcast, check out our article on Social Media Strategy and Promotions Plans for more information.

As we say, no point creating a podcast if no one is going to hear it.

Scope out your podcast series with our 15 minute content call. Book now