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Welcome to Ageing Well Sorted. I’m your host Stacey Tryon and this is the podcast series for families to start the process of ageing well and ignite the important conversations that discuss what that will look like for your parents and ourselves. We look at how to sort out existing information, sort through processes and create a plan that includes the expectations of care and lifestyle for our loved ones.

 Listen in as we navigate and articulate the goals that become the compass for ageing well.”

This is a Podcast Intro. It is a permanent feature of your podcast series that shares the over arching themes, intentions and outcomes for listeners. It creates intrigue, peaks interest and extends an invitation to find out more about the subject matter.

An Intro is short and punchy.

It goes for no longer that 30 seconds.

It is often accompanied by a musical signature that fades off as you dive into the content of the episode.

It is sometimes followed by an episode introduction.

In this episode we look at the 8 sources of information that are often required in the event of an emergency or crisis situation caused by the declining health of an ageing family member. We look at Government requirements, processes and services like MyAgedCare. So lets get sorted.“…………….

This is followed directly by the content you want to share

First up I’d like to share with you……………….’

Intro’s can take a while to refine as you want to make it inviting and informative. You have about 15 seconds to convince someone to listen so the shorter the intro and more sync the message – the more chance they will not press the stop button.

If you would like help putting together your introduction, send us an email.

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