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Making Money From Your Podcast


Listeners don’t really want to hear ads in your podcast unless there is a direct connection or an association that adds value to their experience, so focus on engagement and this will open up an opportunity for donations, sponsorship or product purchases, especially if it’s a niche topic.


This is the value proposition for a specific business that is in alignment with your subject or series. It could also be a special project specifically for that sponsor. It is usually mentioned at the beginning, end and in the show notes.


Whilst this may not be a significant income earner right now, as your podcast profile builds, established and financially viable podcasts will pay for you to share your opinions and expertise.


Patreon is a platform that can help all artists and producers with donations.


A podcast is a tool that can drive peope to your products, services and affiliate links, the goal is to build trust and credibility.


Your podcast is also an effective method of a membership scription. They are great for building loyality and providing extra value for those people willing to pay. It should contain stuff they don’t get from you as an observer. Redefining your revenue based metric will help you understand the value. Aim to increasethe average $per listener or download, not just total listens.


Podcasting can also be used as an educational medium. Most people are time poor and don’t have much time to sit and watch you on a FB live. Enter your podcast. This format is punchy, informative and helps them arrive at the epiphany you want them to have.


Your Podcast could be the stepping stone to a speaking gig. A podcast will build your personal brand, sharing your expertise and giving insight into your delivery and capacity to speak to a crowd. Not only can you submit a podcast episode for consideration to organisation or events but your ‘show reel’ is a working resume for those looking for the inspirational speakers.


Yep, you may even get to the point where you are called upon to be the voice. Whilst this takes a while to build your experience and skills, it is an actual job.

If you are looking to create an income stream with your podcast, get it touch. Podcasting will eventually become a user pay system, similar to iTunes and Audible. So get creating.

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