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Congrats, where ever you are in your podcast journey, I know we can help.

By now you know where the gaps are in your podcast creation. It could be something as simple as scripting or presenting your content in a format suitable for audio. Creating your digital assets which is where you want your listeners to end up or editing your audio file that is compatible`

  1. Content Creation: The Princes Highway – $800 (20% Discount) In summary we help you develop your Series and plan your first Episode, Presenting Tip, Recording and Editing your first episode, Basic promotional strategy including show notes and links to digital asset.  Learn more here.
  1. Promotions: Eton Street – $400 (20% Discount). In summary Amanda (Director of Daydream Creative) creates a simple design for your Podcast Tile, a One Sheet and 3 x Facebook posts. Learn more here.
  1. Podcast Marketing Strategies: Captain Cook Drive – $480 (20% Discount) In summary Steph Rey (Managing Director of Shire Women and The Process Collective) helps you craft your message. You will work through w

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