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Musical Signatures

A musical signature is the introductory tune or background music that plays prior to and during your intro and again as you are wrapping up or ending the episode.

There are some amazing artists out there that give away their music for free but it is important that you check copyright protection and regardless, credit the Artist in your show notes, on your website or even in your episode.

Then is Music For FREE, but many sites have a subscription based membership that give unlimited access and downloads.

Prices for musical signatures can range between $1 and $400 – depending on use. Private and Personal, Business and Commercial and Cinema Productions. Music Copyright is a whole other world.

Check out Australian laws at APRA

That’s right – you don’t have to do anything to ‘get’ copyright; it is there from the moment you write down the song. So as soon as you create a new song or piece of music, you have copyright in it. 



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