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Presenting For Audio

Feel the Fear and do it anyway. Here’s a few handy hints.

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Here’s a few handy hints.

  • Breathe before you speak and let out a quiet sigh
  • Slow your speech to allow your thoughts to process. 
  • Have prompting notes in dot points.
  • Focus on speaking to that one person. 
  • Refer back to your message in your summary,
  • Share your call to action ‘listen to other episodes’
  • Reference a place where they can get more information. 

Don’t Let The Doubt Creep In

Sitting behind a microphone can be nerve racking and I still get butterflies in my stomach. ‘Self doubt’ is your most clear and present threat that will literally stop you from pressing record. If you would like to know some industry secrets that helps you sound confident, calm, and completely in control we can help with our Masterclass.

Learn From Industry Specialists

For comprehensive training from our industry specialists, why not consider doing our Presenting for Audio Masterclass. This 1 hour online course covers the 15 things to consider when recording your podcast including how to do a seamless interview. It also focuses on scripting your intro and designing your Outro, show notes and digital assets : the place you want your listeners to go next.

Conversations and Interviews

Check out this youtube video by  Celeste Headlee 

10 ways to have a better conversation |

In brief – when you are talking – you are in control, you are not necessarily listening so these tips will help you to become more interested in other people and learn. 

Celeste’s book, We Need to Talk  shows us how to bridge what divides us, by having real conversations.

‘The trick for a host is to keep your mouth shut, listen and be amazed’  

1. Don’t multitask. (4:27)

2. Don’t pontificate. (4:50)

3. Use open ended questions. (6:02)

4. Go with the flow. (6:39)

5. If you don’t know, say that you don’t know. (7:26)

6. Don’t equate your experience with theirs. (7:46)

7. Try not to repeat yourself. (8:26)

8. Stay out of the weeds. (8:46)

9. Listen. (9:08)

10. Be brief. (10:29)


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