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Random Facts and Stats on podcasting 2020

83% of Australians know what podcasts are.   

44% of listeners are female.  

65% of podcast consumers are most likely to listen to episodes on a mobile device.  

60% of all podcast shows are downloaded from Apple. 

90% of podcast consumers prefer to listen to a podcast at home.  

54% of podcast consumers say they think about buying an advertised product. 

39% of small and medium-sized businesses owners are podcast users.  

Listen to Podcasts

Multitasking and listening go hand-in-hand. 

59% of consumers listen to a podcast while doing housework. 

52% like to hear a podcast while driving. 

51% like to cook and listen to shows at the same time. 

Podcast growth statistics show that Americans listen to podcasts more than Australians

Only 30% of the Australian population has listened to a podcast at least once. 

About 22% of them listen to podcasts monthly, and 15% listen to podcasts weekly = room for growth


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