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ShireWalks is a foundational series of the history within the geographical boundaries of the Sutherland Shire. 

From the Royal National Park to the Shores of Botany Bay, Shire Walks has created an online audio podcast for the local residents and visitors to listen to as they walk the route designed by local historian student Tess Dowell. With the help of the Sutherland Shire Historical Society, Tess narrates the facts about locations, buildings and significant events along the way. 

Sprinkled thoroughout the 45 minutes walking tours are interviews and stories told by local residents going back to by gone eras.  You’ll get a real sense of what it was like to be there when the Sutherland Railway Station was built and why and how bridges from Sans Souci and Oatley were constructed. When tragedies struck the tiny communities and how the neighbourhoods coped. Hear about significant announcements and events. Attached is a map with all the landmarks.

We are still looking for people with great stories, family connections and significant accomplishments. Those who made important decisions , have fun facts and community networks that would love to be interviewed for these podcasts.  

Each week a new Podcast about a suburb is going to be released, 42 Suburbs, 42 podcasts.  So head over to and submit your story and we’ll be in touch. 

We are honouring the land upon which these stories are told, and the Dharawal people. We look forward to creating an important podcast about their past, present and future generations.

History is the study of the past but it is capable of shaping the present. History helps students know where we come from, how the past has shaped us, and how we can shape the future. History makes students all-round individuals who accumulate a balanced understanding of both the past and present. Because we ourselves make history every day, the study of it helps us in knowing what our forefathers did in the past and whether or not it was right.

  1. History repeats itself:have detailed nine of the best reasons to study history, but by far the most important and the biggest reason to study history is because history repeats itself. It is important to read and learn about others mistakes in the past so that we do not commit the same mistakes in the future. It is very important to not repeat the kind of things that have not really helped the world in anyway but have only added to the miseries of mankind. It is believed that those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it!
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If you want to be apart of history, join us in an interview of send us a copy of your story to

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