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Speaking is the most powerful tool you can use to grow your business.


Guesting on a Podcast is your gate way to get in front of leads, build relationships, and get loads of exposure while still doing the commitments you may have at home or work!

Podcast interviews can be more effective than speaking at a conference because:

  • Speaking at a conference can feel like it’s one and done!
  • Podcast interviews are shareable!
  • Podcast interviews are evergreen – they stay online…… forever!

Podcast guesting is the most accessible way to leverage the power of speaking and get your message out there. You can do all this in your track pants while maintaining a level of control over your diary commitments. It will help you create content that you can use again and again to share with potential clients.

Benefits of Being a Guest

  • Commit to the shows that align with your values and message
  • Create a network of connections that share and expand your audience
  • No Editing……….
  • Show up with your one sheet and be asked the questions you already know the answers to in your field of expertise.
  • Some preparation and post interview promotion is needed but nothing you wouldn’t being doing if it was your own show.
  • Increase your credibility across a number of industries.
  • Develop partnership and joint ventures for products and services.
  • Its a premed digital asset that you can continue to promote for months and years, given the content inside the podcast is timeless and valuable.

How to Be a Guest Speaker on a Podcast

  • Live Events
  • Commentating on events or panel discussions.
  • Answer the questions as a expert.

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How to Find a Podcast You can Guest on.

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