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The Power of having a Niche

The niche is best described as a shallow recess, maybe one set back in a wall to display a statue or a reading nook with just enough room for a chair.  Essentially it describes a space that has a particular focus, the narrowed and restrictive vision of a particular object or subject.  A place that has a particular purpose.

Podcasting is intimate communication. You are talking to the listener.

So what is a podcast niche? 

Your niche is similar to the specialised profession or the role you play in the world. Broadly speaking, a teacher is a specialised profession, but an educator for special needs or a specific subject like modern history is a niche.

You may find your niche subject in podcasting but then by narrowing in on your niche and finding your sub niche, each episode will be a niche of it’s own. Each one is aimed delivering your message and encourages the action that you want a potential customer, client, reader or listener to take. 

How do you find your podcast niche?

Your passion – passion builds the best companies

Research – once you have an idea for what your niche could be, do your research.

“Who?” and “what?”See who your best customers are and what particular product or service you provide them. You may find a common trend amongst your customer base that can help you identify a niche market.

Why Niche a Podcast?

Bit size chunks of consumable information has become essential In today’s world of marketing and promotion so ‘filtering’ that content to the core essence can be the difference between someone glossing over your value and someone seeing it for impact it will have in their life. 

  • The niche creates connection.   
  • The niche solves problems people don’t even know they have.
  • The niche is a simplified approach in delivering your value.

How do I find my Podcast niche?

If you’re struggling to decide, or you need more data to work with, use the following five steps to find your niche.

  1. Identify your interests and passions. This may be something you’ve already done.
  2. Identify problems you can solve.
  3. Research your competition.
  4. Determine the profitability of your niche.
  5. Test your idea.

Niching feels counterintuitive at first; the idea of scaling down to scale up doesn’t come naturally.

Finding your podcast niche is a great way to make it more successful. Yet many podcasters are afraid to niche down for fear of limiting their services and missing out on potential listeners. This is where podcasts end up fading.

You do not have to be everything to everyone.

The startup podcasts that do manage to stay in production often stagnate and fail to build a sustainable series outlines. This happens because new podcasters try to be everything to everyone. This dilutes your focus and can be the root of podfade.

Benefits of a Podcast Niche

There are many benefits to niching down that will make you a more successful podcaster:

1. Limit your competition

If you choose to niche down and focus on a specific industry, you’ll face less competition and be more likely to pick up those avid listeners. 

2. Become an industry leader

For clients to choose your podcast, position yourself as the expert in your niche. You need to offer more than a generalist can.

3. Better targeting

When you know your niche market, targeted content is a viable option.  By choosing one type of customer to focus on, you can optimise your marketing plan to your demographic. The result? Your budget will show more bang for its buck. 

4. Improve your online visibility

By focusing on a podcast niche, you’ll find Search Engine Optimisation easier because you’re targeting a specific group of people. There’ll be less competition for the keywords you’re targeting, and the traffic you attract is more likely to convert into sales because your business is a good match for their needs.

5. Establish a network

When you focus your content on a niche, you’ll find that you establish a better repertoire with clients and attract more referrals. This creates the foundations for a strong networking base.

6. Build a loyal customer base

Once clients find a provider that offers the niche service they need, they’re unlikely to look elsewhere. You become the expert and authority in this field.

7. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot problems

When you niche down on your content, you can focus intensively on every aspect. You can troubleshoot them quickly and make your service even better. It’s about continuous improvement.

8. Confidence attracts sales

When it comes to pitching to potential clients, creating content or dealing with customer enquiries, you’ll develop a clear and consistent message that you deliver with confidence.

9. Niching gives expansion a focus

When you have a definite niche and podcast series vision, decision making has a natural feel to it. Ask yourself, “Does this new idea strengthen our relationship with our target market or does it dilute it?”.

10. Define your vision and goals

When you find your podcast niche, you can build a specific business plan suitable for that niche. You can refine your short-term goals over time as you test, measure and tweak your strategies to find what works best for your services. You can create targeted digital assets that serve your clients.


What are you good at? What’s your specialist subject? Write your ideas down! Think about what you aren’t good at, and whether you should keep doing it.

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