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We Have 2020 Vision

The Sutherland Shire is all set to have its’ very own Podcast Station after generating loads of interests from locals living and working in the one of the most beautiful shires in Sydney. From the beach coast line to the National Park, what started out as a call out to see if people were interested in listening to Shire specific podcasts, has quickly developed into a list of 20 series ideas covering a range of topics. From a late night talk show, psychology, history, wealth building, business and true local crime. ShirePod has already recruited half dozen podcast hosts ready to launch their own series in 2020.

ShirePod is bringing the experiences from all generations and occupations onto the one listening platform that enables you to listen to whenever you want. @sspodcaststation

Experienced radio presenter, Pip Rae has interviewed over 100 people in the past 12 months for her popular ‘Hour to Empower’. These interviews, together with her research, knowledge and experience has transformed into the podcast series Elements of Empowerment, set for release in March 2020. She is currently curating the foundational series, ‘Tell Me More About That….’, an interview series of locals who have a great story to share, an interesting journey with a strong message.

Pip has been helping others curate their podcast content, educational modules and scripting video sequences within the Shire and has seen a real demand for a local Podcast Station to host the fastest growing marketing asset businesses and individuals can have to elevate their personal brand and business profile.

‘Podcasting has been around long time and is the most effective way to have an intimate conversation with your next customer, plus is a shit load of fun’. – says Pip.

‘I’ve had some interesting enquiries and when I researched it a little more I realised just how much the Shire has to offer. There are mysteries, so much history and some very entertaining characters now on board.’ says Pip

The Sutherland Shire is well known for producing talent and sometimes it takes just one interview or performance that can create huge opportunities for careers to take off and flourish. ShirePod is set to be the central online entertainment hub in the local area as the creative space for a studio is now being secured.

If you have an idea for a Podcast and would like to scope out its potential, call or send an email. hello@sutherlandshirepodcaststation or call.

If you would like to be on an episode of the foundational interview podcast, “Talk to me more about that…….” with Pip check out the facebook page and request an invite. FB @pipraedio

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