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What it’s like to live in the Shire

Time Capsule is a unique Podcast sharing stories about the Sutherland Shire.

As the name suggests, real events are currently being recounted in story, told as if you were living in that particular decade. Locals are being interviewed about particular subjects relevant to life in the shire during certain time periods. Whether it’s off to the beach, celebrations, school shenanigans, transport, shopping, work places or going out, the Shire has always had it’s own vibe.

Interviews with local and former residents, council members, business owners and special visitors recall their fondest memories that might just trigger your own. Very interesting……………

We’ve compiled photos of the Shire’s development, interesting documents and old publications that will take you back to eras before mobile phones, before the iPod and way back to the introduction of television.

What was it like to live here in the Sutherland Shire, back then?

If you have story you’d like to share….email us ShirePod

Time Capsule: Due to launch March 2020.

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