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2022 Podcast Masterclass


If you have every wanted to start a podcast or you are looking to upgrade skills in other areas of the podcast journey…’s your chance.   With restrictions lifted, and the world in full throttle, we’d love you to join on in person masterclass where you’ll learn the 14 P’s of podcasting.  (we’ve added a few more p’s since we last did this)


Podcasting continues to grow with Facebook recently launching their online podcast rooms, Spotify, Podcast google and Apple Podcasts launching their subscription based platforms and finally the introduction of ClubHouse has changed the platform and streaming game.


What do you get?

Interactive class room environment where you do the work and practice the skills.  You’ll receive our Masterclass work book and the ultimate podcast creator

Our previous students have said

‘so much information in one day, great interaction with others and I walked away with more confidence.’

Saturday, 5 February 2022



The course covers:

Preparing and Planning your content

Presenting for Audio

Production and Post Production

Publishing and Platforms

Pitching and Project work




Podcasts and Personal Brands



So here’s where you sign up.







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