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Call To Action

So let’s chat about the podcast call-to-action.

“If you like this show, remember to leave us a rating or review. It helps other people to discover it and our podcast climb the charts, bringing new listeners.”

Essentially the host is asking you to take action on their behalf – and for that you must have good reasons.

You’ve probably heard a podcast host ask you at the end of every episode to rate and review the show. They might add, “If you think someone could benefit from hearing this podcast, please share with a friend or let us know what you think.”

Essentially podcasts are a form of entertainment, educational, engaging and something we usually do whilst we are doing something else.

Use The One Shot Rule

For me, it’s while cleaning, exercising and driving — sometimes gardening. My attention is often divided and I thoughts come in and out, inspiration is ignited but mostly I’m compiling a list of to do and follow ups.   And this is the same for your listener I’m sure. So if you list more than things your listener can do to help your audience and then include more requests to help you grow your show the research is in.  Your listener will retain about 20% of your content, maybe one quote and a one line general summary of your conversation. You’ll be lucky if they remember anything you’ve said an hour after they finish listening to the episode.

“If there is something that you would like discussed on this podcast, drop me a message on social or an email.”

That’s why I recommend you stick to the One Shot Rule

It’s where each podcast episode aligns one call to action.

Start by communicating directly “If you’d like to hear more in this series, you can do just one thing to help the show…”


“The one thing I want to share with you this week is…

“This weeks big take away is……

Start with a List

The intention of a podcast is often reflected in the Call To Action.

Did you click? – (hint: it’s a free 15 minute call to scope out your idea)

It’s this little reference at the beginning or end of the podcast episode that directs the listener where to go next.

As part of our training session in planning and preparing content, we spend time identifying your digital assets and client offerings and crafting several call to actions that you can ‘conversationally’ include.

They don’t always have to be at the end and can be just effective at the beginning or woven into the content you are presenting.   But scripting them first will help you to construct your content effectively – without sounding too salesy.

“You get get more photos and stories on my instagram page @………. so check out the link in the show notes, and follow me.  It’s where I drop my teasers for the next episode.”

There is a deferent impact on the listener when using these words

  • Listen
  • Like
  • Follow
  • Subscribe
  • Tune in

Approach it as you would a date.  Appreciate their attention. Acknowledge your journey and Invite.

‘If you are a first time listener, thank you and I hope you enjoy other episodes in this series.”

Speak to them directly.

“Check out my other episodes on my webpage www………” avoid ‘where ever you listen to your podcasts” – it’s confusing for new listeners.

Be Clear

“There is a new episode dropping every Tuesday, if you’d like to subscribe it will ensure you don’t miss out”


Yes, including that little original quirkiness of yours is essential to stand out.

Digital Assets

Identifying your digital assets is so important when aligning the CTA with your Content.   With our Podcast guests we focus on providing and curating a meaningful listener experience with an engaging, informative and transformational CTA.   We found CTA’s often come from the stories they tell in their content – because they solved a problem they face or a challenge they experienced.

It could be a meditation episode.

It could be a e-book they can download.

It could be an online course you offer.

The list is endless and we have over 35 available from the WordStyler’s resource that rovides you with interactive links to the webpages that help you create.

The Edison Research shows that most people (73%) find their podcasts by searching Google! Surprised? NOT.

“There are more than two million podcasts on the web, and we’re now making it easier to find and listen to podcasts on Search.”

I heard on Rachel Corbetts podcast about podcasts, the pod school, that google actively searches podcast episodes for SEO content and can even tell if the show notes and episode are congruent.


  • Sharing the Show — “Thanks so much for listening – we rely on you spreading the word to grow this show! Just by sending a text or texting the link in the show notes to a friend who’d love to hear this episode, has doubled my audience.”
  • Merchandise — “We’ve got some great #cantdeal t-shirts in the shop that comes with a free ‘ShirePoddie” beer can cooler at ShirePOD Shop
  • Patreon Support — “Want to check out behind the scenes or join us live, we have blooper reels, bonus episodes, and interviews with every single episode at Patreon/pipraedio. Head over there to support the show for as little as $1. Your support means we get to do this as our job better, and bring you amazing interview and content.”
  • Cross-Promotion — “If you would like to learn more about decluttering and the best way to recycle your unwanted items, you can check out the episodes with Marnie, from Tiny Haus on SO Shire’s Sustainability Podcast!”
  • Upcoming Content — “The next series of the Bean There, Podcast starts in May 2021. We’ll be back, live every Friday morning to chat with our local cafe owners and their suppliers, as well as bring you some amazing interviews with local businesses in the Sutherland Shire.”

Choose Your Own Adventure

Here is your take away, the one lesson from this blog (see what I did there?),


Have a reason, goal, objective for every decision you make on your podcast. Get to the point. Use the podcast real estate wisely. Eye Catching Title. Succinct Episode Description. Back Links to Digital Assets. Attach transcript optional.

Podcasting has the freedom to create your own strategy, whatever works.  Length, format and frequency is up to you. Sponsorship, ads, intros and outros is a choice.   Construction your podcast can be overwhelming but we are here to help.

In a month you can take your idea to the airwaves when you join our masterclass! 

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