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How and why to register a Domain Name for your Podcast

Starting a podcast and want your own custom domain name?

Or maybe you don’t want your podcast’s website to be at but instead be at

That second version is much easier to remember or share, and you’re not promoting another company (that you’re already paying, by the way) in the process.

Quick note: You can’t actually register your podcast name on iTunes or other platforms. Getting the domain name (and relevant social media profiles) is the best way to secure your podcast name.

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So you decided to register a domain name, how do you do it?

Here are the steps to follow:

Coming up with a name for your podcast is about finding a way to catch the attention of your listener without telling them everything about it. Create intrigue for potential listeners and make it memorable. You don’t know where this journey might take you so go blue sky thinking.

Go to your domain name registration website and search, if it’s available try not to procrastinate if you feel proud to share it with others. Just get it. You are going to be talking about this podcast for the next 12 months.

For the reason above, go with .com. You don’t know there this podcast might take you or the form it will take on. There isn’t a .podcast extension at this point in time and others can be hard to remember. You could use a .fm (as in radio) as those are becoming more popular with podcasters and podcast companies.

Avoid dashes and underscores. These just look bad.

Do you put ‘podcast’ in your title……No unless it’s a podcast about podcasts.

Keep it short, simple and………. short. You want to be able to fit it in the thumbnail.

Don’t pigeonhole your podcast. Just because you can’t talk about a topic doesn’t mean you can’t interview someone that can……it opens up a whole new audience for you.

Avoid copyrights. Avoid copyrights. Avoid copyrights. Get your legals sorted. Think of your terms and conditions, privacy policy, NDA’s and WHS compliance.


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