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How to attract your ideal listener.

This is the biggest task in creating your audience and the more specific you are, the bigger it grows.

In the beginning your podcast is an inert object. Your goal is to turn it into a rolling stone.

  1. Identify your listener by asking qualifying questions.  Describing the type of people they are, the problems they have, the outcomes, information, solutions and strategy they are looking for and telling them that is what they will get – if they listen, will instantly attract and help them tune in.
  2. Build your network. The fastest way to draw attention to a new venture is to build partnerships. This is true for nearly every type of business.
  3. Craft a great title.  A play on words, a theme of words or a question are great ideas.  Alliteration is possibly my favourite or using the line from a movie, try to avoid the cliche but use the question that answers the question you are offering in the podcast. I love Kate Anthony’s “Should I stay or should I go.”
  4. Choose a different keyword for each episode.  Grab these from industry words, make up a page and then use one word that best describes what you are sharing.
  5. Build a website for your podcast. Essential these days. Google now searching the podcast content see my other articles about increasing your reach and improving SEO.
  6. Create a separate page for each episode. This does take time and is an advanced strategy if you are using your podcast as a Audio Newsletter. It could also be a blog page.
  7. Share your content on social media channels. Essential – we recommend sharing your blog on a social page, sharing the link to the episode on your socials and sharing your channel on socials as separate posts.  Episode, Series and Blog pages are just three points of engagement that effectively attract different listeners.
  8. Include links to your podcast in email communication to your database.  This is becoming so on trend right now. And it’s efficient. Find out more in other blogs about how to leverage a podcast.
  9. Include links to your podcasting website or episode in your blogs.  This is where you link your episode to a subject on your website or blog.  Check out some of our links.
  10. Always put your listeners before SEO.  Ask them what they want to hear your talk about. Ask them for ideas on guests and content.  Ask them for questions, this not only includes them on your podcast but drives engagement.   Everyone loves hearing they have contributed to something and you have noticed.

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