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SEO improves a Website Google Ranking with Podcasts

Podcasts have turned into a highly popular option for content consumption and creation.

They are not new but there has been (especially 2020), and is, an increasing number of people discovering them and using them as content creators.

A natural conversation generates amazing quotes, memorable comments and captures language synonymous to their industry. ‘Industry Words’

They  make an interesting medium to explore when  growing  your audience. It’s the conversation you have without having to be there. 

Podcast SEO is expected to be a growing term among the professionals, marketers, and hosts over the next few years.

What does that even mean  “Podcast SEO” and why would it optimise your podcast and website for search engines?

Let me explain.

Podcasts show up in Google searches

Google announced in 2020 that podcasts will start showing up in search results.  They will troll the content and capture it over time generating the ranking and readability scores.

You are now able to search for a podcast and find the episodes straight through the search results.  I heard you say “WHAAAAAAAT”.

‘The indexing of the podcast will return the audio content that you can consume directly.’

Google and its services will analyse the audio and automatically transcribe it to highlight a podcast in relevant search results.

Google Podcasts has recently started automatically transcribing the podcasts to use the content as metadata. (the words to describe what’s on the page)  People are able to find specific information as part of an episode without even knowing about the podcast before.


This is a big moment for those into SEO and it’s important to understand that podcasts are becoming more important.

A podcast’s description can explain what the episode is about and the description is helpful with search optimisation to allow search engines to understand the topic of your episode. You can also add your main keyword to ensure that you are consistent with it. Add Backlinks to website or socials for improved rankings and even a PDF download SEO targeted is an added layer of search.

Tags.  They allow people to discover them by looking at specific categories or genres.

You can add several tags but make sure they are relevant to your podcast.

Think of your potential audience and what they should search to discover your podcast.

Questions are also great SEO generators.

Podcasts cannot be ignored as a source of content.

“Podcast SEO” is a growing term and there is a great opportunity for successful podcasts to build the audience through search traffic.

Another option is to transcribe yourself.

With VEED you can automatically create transcriptions from your audio files, online. No account required, no software to download. You can make edits and download your transcription as a .txt file in seconds. You can even transcribe video files to add subtitles, create separate subtitle files (.srt), or video transcriptions (as .txt)

My Two Favourite Feature


Our super-fast, cloud-based servers will have your audio transcription generated in just a few seconds

Easy to edit

If you want to change a word, spelling, add a note/comment, then you can. Each line is time-stamped and easy to edit. Just click and type

These make for great references, a summary of show notes, a blog or article quotes – give it a go.

Podcasts are the content that just keeps giving and you can leverage it over every platform, every account. 

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