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SEO improves a Website Google Ranking with Podcasts

Podcasts have turned into a highly popular option for content consumption and creation. They are not new but there has been (especially 2020), and is, an increasing number of people discovering them and using them as content creators. A natural conversation generates amazing quotes, memorable comments and captures language synonymous to their industry. ‘Industry Words’ They  make an interesting medium to explore when  growing  your audience. It’s the conversation you have withoutRead More…

Why Won’t Happy Customers Write A Review?

Why Won’t Happy Customers Write A Review? Our mission in the recent production of our Bean There? Podcast was set with three intentions To bring the vibe and atmosphere of the cafe to the ear buds of our listeners during lock down. To introduce the small business owners in the area to the community and acknowledge the essential, volunteer and support services they are associated with and support. Finally toRead More…

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