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Top 10 Content Leverage Ideas

A podcast is a central source of content that over time you can leverage for months if not years.

One episode has one topic and within this topic there are numerous ideas, concepts and useful tips that you can share in order to connect your audience to your content.   An episode is the hub of a wheel spoke!

So apart from a hosting platformwe recommend a podcast website, some like Podbean and Buzzsprout provide you with a website page, otherwise you’ll need a domain name and website hosting account.


A website is the best place to start.  It’s the real estate in which you can park your content and enables your audience to search for it.

Your podcast is an extension of your website, so linking your podcast platform to your website is the first step. It’s effective SEO and back link strategy.

You’ll notice on the front page of our website that we have embedded the whole channel into our page.  Slightly more technical and requires a website builder to do but worth the impact.  We think it looks great and speaks to our audience immediately.

The domain name will typically cost you $14.99 per year and website hosting plans start from $7.99 per month usually paid annually


If you don’t have a website, at least start a blog.

The blog is a page of content within which you can insert your link to the podcast platform or embed your audio file code. Write a blog and include all the links within the content and points of interest. Position the link to the podcast platform or the mp3 player amongst the text or embed in images of the article. Make sure you write somewhere LISTEN HERE, to make it obvious.

You could set up the blog as show notes and invite your read to listen to the rest.   Using your voice to share your blog is a great strategy to build a personal connection.  Reading it as if you were speaking to the them one on one has a huge impact on your personal brand and ShirePOD is so proud of how our hosts have come when it comes too presenting.  (Check out the tips and tactics we share in our Masterclass)

Use the name of your podcast to start building your own audience.

Invite your listeners to like.

Publish snippets of audio on an image. using the Headliner App.

Capture or curate video during the interview and post onto your page with a link to either the platform or your website.

Facebook lives during the podcast are a popular strategy to invite people to listen to the Podcast.


Instagram Page: use the name of the podcast or your personal brand profile, instagram photos, 1 minute videos, headliner graphics with audio file and quote tiles from the podcast are great lead generators.

Instagram Stories and Instagram Live and IGTV also create intrigue and allow you to give notice and promotion of the upcoming podcast episode.


Use your personal brand page or create a podcast page. Create Articles similar to blog or post a link to your blog inviting them to read, listen and comment.


Create a media page with all your personal branding assets such as a one sheet that they can download. It can include a podcast tile that links to the podcast platform.  It includes other media articles you may have written or publications you have appeared in. .


Publish what people say about your podcast. You will need to ask people to comment or leave a review, even prompting them with a message will give you feedback.

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