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Podcast ‘Profuctiveness’

If you are a true creative you will completely get what is going on, if not you will more than likely think I am a red hot steaming mess.  And that’s ok.  Just note today’s post is a personal ventilation of frustration, confusion and self sabotage and I hope it makes you feel better. People have often told me it looks like I am   ‘Spinning plates’ ‘Juggling balls’ ‘PuttingRead More…

Kicking Podcast Goals

Podcasting Goals Unpacked Podcasts are a digital asset that have the capacity to produces hundreds of pieces of marketing and promotional material, literally hundreds, to;  Service memberships Develop Brand Awareness Build Personal Brand Increase Traffic to webpage/services Convert leads to sales There are three elements needed to kick podcasting goals. Create and Structure Content  Design promotion strategy and leverage content Deliver content with clear intentions,  If you need help, checkRead More…

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