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Kicking Podcast Goals

Podcasting Goals Unpacked

Podcasts are a digital asset that have the capacity to produces hundreds of pieces of marketing and promotional material, literally hundreds, to; 

  1. Service memberships
  2. Develop Brand Awareness
  3. Build Personal Brand
  4. Increase Traffic to webpage/services
  5. Convert leads to sales

There are three elements needed to kick podcasting goals.

  1. Create and Structure Content 
  2. Design promotion strategy and leverage content
  3. Deliver content with clear intentions, 

If you need help, check out the ShirePod Podcasting Roadmap or join us for the ShirePod Mastermind Workshop.

The value of a podcast is unlimited and to create the asset you want, you may need to and will benefit from

  • organising and sorting your content into chunckable, bitesize consumable pieces.
  • more technical support and advice on equipment needed
  • support around presenting content
  • coaching in recording processes and editing
  • help collating the content information into your strategy.  
  • identifying digital asset leveraging opportunities
  • Ideas around sharing with your data base, 
  • A promotions funnel
  • Help putting together show notes, links and other digital assets that will support engagement and conversions, audio, visual and written.
  • Content feedback, 
  • Having your final edit completed for you and critiqued.

Looking to just scope out the real value of a podcast episode or series contact us today.

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