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Podcast Doubt Vs Podcast Fade

So you’re reading this because you’ve been wanting to start your own podcast. Or you’ve created a few episodes and feeling a little demotivated.




Is it time?


My bet, it is self doubt………

Whenever you feel anxiety about  jumping into something new it can be overwhelmingly daunting.

Even though you know you’re in the learning phase, if you are unconsciously or knowingly looking for the reasons why you can’t do it……. there are some self-limiting beliefs I want to tell you about.



These feelings are completely natural and normal and I’d ask you to stop and think of the conversations you’ve been having with people about the change you want to see…..imagine if you could do that without even being in there in person.

If you have passion and purpose, you’ve got a podcast idea that will be impactful on the airwaves.

It’s a unique combination in that nobody knows WHAT you know and nobody knows WHO you know and they are the important conversations.

So in today’s blog, let’s look at some things you can do to try and tackle podcasting self-doubt.




  1. Write down your intention and who you want to talk to and what that impact will look like – imagine the difference you could make and times it by 10, x 100, x 1000 as that is just the start of your potential audience.
  2. Do a skills analysis, knowledge map and list of achievements – now tell me who is more qualified than you.
  3. Practice recording yourself on your phone or computer and listen back, you’ll be surprised at how much you know and how good you sound.  You’ll also here your speech patterns and communication style.  Check outs Celeste Headlee – Journalist about having better conversations.
  4. Remember, a public speaker practices their content, refining sentences and scripting stories so they can be delivered with impact. Effort equals output.
  5. Share your recording with someone who’s opinion you value and ask for honest feedback.
  6. Do a course or get a coach that can help you plan out your content and teach you the tech side.
  7. Find a friend who will be your co-host for some fun conversations.
  8. Just do it and let that be the win.



These are just some of our hosts who we have trained and they have gone on to confidently create their content and make more impact than they could have imagined.

You can to – as ShirePOD offers a downloadable online course that takes you through the 4 pillars of podcasting.


Plan and Preparing your Content

Presenting for Audio

Production and Post Production

Publishing and Promotion


You also learning the other 7 P’s which include, Pitching, Partnerships, Platforms, Products, Publicity, Podcast Guesting and Profiling.

The learn know – click here.



We’ve got a great article on podcast fade – but essentially its  the doubt and lack of motivation that kicks in after you’ve released a few episodes and don’t feel like you are getting the response or attention it deserves.

Most podcast hosts start strong, produce 3-5 episodes and launching, then crickets.

We’ve found that 67-75% of the work is in the promotion, planning out partnerships to double your audience, aligning with causes, industries and experts to increase your reach and constantly promoting your podcast episode over the next 12 months will eventually see you get the results you are looking for.

But here I would take you back to the beginning of this blog.  Who is your audience, are you reaching them and if not, why not? and how can you make it easier for them to hear about you.


Staying motivated requires you to stay accountable to your audience or a producer. If they are expecting your content on a specific day – then show up – put it out there and ask them if they liked it.  This interaction is the most powerful motivation you will find.   Reviews and comments are the engagement measure that tells you, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.


Check out our blog on Reviews and why people won’t leave them.




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